The Studio

Art thrives in clean, beautiful surroundings, so our spacious facility is decorated in an imaginative and colorful way. This lovely environment is very conducive to learning and teaching. We have two studios: Both are air-conditioned and have ceiling fans for the ultimate comfort of the dancers. Each studio is complete with special flooring and the latest technology in sound equipment.

A comfortable lobby, decorated with photographs and trophies of recent triumphs by Rhythm ’n’ Shoes dancers, greets the visitors upon entering. This space is used by moms, dads, and siblings who wait for their special dancer to cheerfully appear after class. You will also find two clean restrooms, one with a dressing area where dancers may change.

Other amenities provided for your convenience include a front-desk receptionist who is available to assist you in any way. We also provide a student lounge area (currently closed due to Covid), where you will find students hard at work on their homework or having a snack between their classes.

Studio Policies

Sherrie’s Dance Studio reserves the right to change a student’s class based on appropriate age and/or skill level at any time.

Schedule is subject to change . Classes will be closed when full. Each teacher determines class size. Classes without adequate enrollment will be cancelled at the discretion of the studio director.

Substitutes will teach a class if the regular teacher is unavailable. If a class is cancelled, a make-up lesson will be offered.

No food or drinks or gum allowed in the dance rooms. Water only! Food may be eaten in the lobby. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after him or herself!

Cell phones in the studio must be on silent! Dancers are not permitted to take calls or text during class. Parents should call the studio to reach their dancer during class time.

Please put your name on all belongings. Sherrie’s Dance Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

LOST & FOUND: The studio is not responsible for lost items, however, we do have a lost & found bin in the homework room. Please check for any of your items on a regular basis. When the bin is full, the items will be donated.

VALUABLES: Money, jewelry, and other valuables should not be brought to the studio. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

QUESTIONS/PROBLEMS: Parents or students having questions or problems should see the desk staff. They will either assist you or direct you to the person you need to speak with.

Class Etiquette

Arrive at class on time. Students should arrive prepared for class. The first 15 minutes are crucial to a proper warm-up. Late arrival is considered a disruption to the teacher and other dancers. For the student’s safety, they may be asked to observe if they arrive too late to class.

Students are expected to attend all classes. Attendance is crucial for a dancer’s development.

Missing class puts your child and the class behind in knowledge.

Please call to inform the studio if your dancer will be absent.

Dancers should be dressed in proper dance attire with hair pulled back appropriately out of the face.

Gum chewing is not allowed at any time during class.

Videotaping is strictly prohibited.

Cell phones in the studio must be on silent! Dancers are not permitted to take calls or text during class. Parents should call the studio to reach their dancer during class time.

No talking during class.

Students should not correct each other.

Respect for your teacher and fellow classmates is the number one lesson in dance class. Teachers may ask students to wait in the lobby if they are being disruptive or disrespectful.

Students should come to class with a positive attitude, ready to dance!

Students should thank his/her teacher at the end of class.

More on Courtesy and Respect

Bring a good attitude to class. Sherrie’s Dance Studio expects students to observe common courtesy and to be respectful of their teachers and fellow class members. Proper respect is expected at all times. We feel it is important that students learn to work efficiently as a group and behave in a respectable manner. There will be a wholesome, healthy, age-appropriate atmosphere at all times. A positive attitude and disciplined behavior is necessary to ensure a rewarding and productive dance class. Disrespect for teachers, gossiping and other behaviors that adversely affect the class will not be tolerated.