Classes Offered

Sherrie’s Dance Studio provides instruction in the following disciplines:tap shoes

  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Hip-Hop
  • Contemporary / Lyrical
  • Turns, Kicks & Leaps Technique
  • Tap Technique
  • Kickline
  • Hula
  • Tumbling & Acrobatics
  • Tiny Tots – Introduction to Dance
  • Spanish Dance / Flamenco
  • Musical Theatre Singers
  • Piano

Dress Code for Classes

Dancers should be dressed appropriately for class. Dress for class is strictly enforced. Dance apparel is necessary for the proper correction of the body. Students will not be allowed to dance if they are wearing improper attire.

Introduction to Dance: Any color and style leotard (tights are optional) or comfortable play clothing. Ballet slippers are preferred. However, any soft-sole shoe may be used. Tap shoes are optional.

Jazz, Contemporary, and Turns & Leaps Technique: Dancewear in any style or color. Please ensure your body lines can be seen! No street clothes, including stretchy jeans! Split-sole jazz shoes are best. Hair must be worn away from face, preferably in a secure bun.

Tap and Tap Technique: Jazz attire or comfortable clothing. Beginning and younger tap dancers should wear “Mary Jane”-style black patent-leather tap shoes. For more advanced dancers, tap shoes in the jazz-oxford style is recommended. Please do not wear high-heeled tap shoes – only low, flat heels.

Ballet: Leotard & tights. Ballet slippers. Hair off of face & neck, preferably in a secure bun.

Hip-Hop: Dancewear or comfortable street wear. No jeans or any clothing that restricts movement. Hip-hop sneakers are available at dancewear stores. Regular running shoes (non-marking soles, please!) are best for support.

Tumbling & Acro: Any type of form-fitting dancewear. No tights, please. Tumblers must be barefoot!

Hula: Dancewear and bare feet.

Kickline: See Sherrie.

Spanish Dance / Flamenco: See Rebecca.

General Dress Notes

  • All hair, shoulder length and longer, must be pulled back and secured tightly away from face.
  • No baggy T-shirts, tanks or sweatshirts are allowed in class.
  • Limit jewelery worn in class. No dangling earrings!!
  • Label your dance shoes and dance bags.
  • Neatness counts – a dancer performs better in class, likes herself better and behaves better when she is well groomed.
  • Get in the habit if securing hair with pins and spray to avoid messy appearance.
  • Wash your dance clothes after each wearing.
  • If maturing at all, use deodorant.
  • Don’t wear panties under tights (avoids a messy look).
  • A dancer spends much time looking in the mirror. Make that image appealing. Remember: Dance is a visual art!

Where to Purchase Dancewear and Shoes:

* We recommend, which offers a wide selection of dancewear and shoes.

* For beginning dancers, you may be able to find dance shoes at Target or Payless Shoes (